Tara’s World: On Women & Politics

IMG_2918My daughter recently told me she thought “being the President is so much work. At least if I were the President’s wife I would get to meet Martha Stewart and Oprah. After all, the women have had to pull strings behind the scenes for a long time– they try to get men to do good things. So, I could marry the President and become a Green Party member and we would collaborate. And then, to make a point, I could have an affair with a woman to show everyone that Gay Rights are awesome.”

When she was finished, she fished through a jar where I keep assorted political buttons and selected one to borrow. It said “I may be straight but I’m not narrow.”


About HomenDunRoamin

Teaching Artist & Writer: fiction, poetry & nonfiction. Recently completed work: a hybrid memoir. In progress: a novel set in an unnamed Latin American country on the brink of war. The book examines violent and nonviolent resistance and the choices women are forced to make to survive.
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