Persa a Venezia

Below are the directions to the hotel I stayed in when I visited Venice a few weeks ago.  And yes, I actually made it (walking!) with very little second-guessing.  What can I say?  This is Italy.

Thank you for the message.

Venice from the railway station, you must take vaporetto number 1 if you have lots of luggage, one that goes towards Lido, and Dessendre S. Toma (the closest stop to our hotel).

You also have the opportunity to come on foot to the hotel (about 10 minutes, quarter of an hour… instead of 24 minutes with the ferry… Indeed, it is obliged to follow the course the Grand Canal and it is certainly not the shortest route).
If you decide to come on foot, you have to cross the big bridge on the Grand Canal opposite the station

On the other side, take the small street just across the bridge that goes straight. 

At the end of this street, you are forced to turn to the left.

You go to the end of this street and you cross the small bridge is at the end of the street.

You turn immediately to your right is that you walk along the canal on your right.

You will pass a bridge on your right but you must continue straight.

At the second bridge you find on your right, which is also the last of the street.  You cross the other side and you on your left.

You immediately cross another bridge and then you are forced to turn to your right.

You go straight up that you were on a kind of space OR you can choose to turn to the left or right (there is no street in front of you).

You go to your left and you take the first bridge you find on your right.

You go straight along the canal to the end of the street where you are forced to turn left (you will pass the meantime before the bridge and the Church of the Frari Frari on your right).

Our hotel is on the four columns in front of you on the left, about twenty yards.

Looking forward to welcoming you please to accept our best regards.                                                      -MF


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